Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Joseph Paetz and I am a Python Django web application developer currently employed at the Peace Operations Training Institute.

POTI's Stack

As part of a 2-man development team, I am responsible for developing using the entire stack. When I came on board at POTI, they were in the middle of transitioning from a PHP-based system running on a single, outdated physical server running their web server, database server, and media storage to an application written in Python/Django. Today, after coming a long way, POTI's stack is made up of the following:

  • Django and Python
  • Postgresql
  • Apache
  • Amazon Web Services: EC2, S3, CloudFront, ElastiCache, SES, Route53 (and soon to include SES and SQS)
  • Ubuntu and FreeBSD
  • Subversion

POTI's Web Application

At my current job I have developed the online system that POTI uses to distribute its online training. The website is comprised of 3 major components: the main website, the online classroom, and the administration pages. The online classroom is a custom-built e-learning management system that supports a custom-built shopping cart system integrated with PayPal's API.

We try to adopt popular open-source Python packages when possible, but often we find that building a custom solution best fits our needs. The system supports bulk emails for our newsletters and student announcements, surveys, course feedbacks, and everything else that you can imagine that is needed to manage an online training organization.

Some of the packages that we use and could not live without include:

Code Samples

Unfortunately between my current job demands, obtaining a masters degree in Information Technology from Virginia Tech, personally fixing up my house that was built in 1900, and being married to a full-time law school student/Marine Corps officer-in-training, I have not had the spare time to give back by contributing to the open source community. I will be happy to provide any code samples requested as it relates to the web application I have developed for POTI. I will also be willing to tackle any coding challenges that you want to throw my way to test my proficiency. I have provided a basic set of code samples with supporting screenshots.